Averil Dean

Author of the psychological thriller, Alice Close Your Eyes and the upcoming literary suspense novel, The Undoing.

Alice Close Your Eyes

With haunting prose and deft psychological insight, Averil Dean spins a chilling story that explores the dark corners of obsession—love, pain, and revenge.

Ten years ago, someone ruined Alice Croft’s life. Now, she has a chance to right that wrong—and she thinks she’s found the perfect man to carry out her plan.

After watching him for weeks, she breaks into Jack Calabrese’s house to collect the evidence that will confirm her hopes. When Jack comes home unexpectedly, Alice hides in the closet, fearing for her life. But upon finding her, Jack is strangely calm, solicitous…and intrigued.

That night is the start of a dark and intense attraction, and soon Alice finds herself drawn into a labyrinth of terrifying surrender to a man who is more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. As their relationship spirals toward a breaking point, Alice begins to see just how deep Jack’s secrets run—and how deadly they could be.

* * * 

Alice Close Your Eyes

“ALICE CLOSE YOUR EYES is intense. No, it’s INTENSE. It’s also chilling, riveting, intriguing, surprising and compelling and I can’t think of a debut that kept me turning pages faster or more breathlessly.” – International Bestseller M.J. Rose, author of SEDUCTION

“ALICE CLOSE YOUR EYES is a crisply written, wickedly suspenseful debut. The novel reads like a dark, sensual nightmare, and it is the reader who won’t want to close her eyes until all of the book’s tantalizing secrets are finally revealed. Don’t miss it.” — David Bell, author of NEVER COME BACK

"[Averil] Dean pens a haunting, intense novel that is at once psychologically compelling and emotionally unsettling. Taut pacing and skilled storytelling support a breathtaking plot and characters that are heartbreaking and horrifying yet somehow still accessible and sympathetic. With troubling psychological and sexual violence, this book is not for the faint of heart. It's scorching, disturbing, and tragic but well-crafted and impressively written."Kirkus

"Dean’s debut is an absorbing, deeply disturbing, darkly erotic psychological thriller of tragedy and revenge. Fans of Agatha Christie, Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), and Thomas Harris (The Silence of the Lambs) will love this disquieting novel." – LibraryJournal, starred review

Alice Close Your Eyes will have readers on the edge of their seats. Promising newcomer Dean spins a web out of the deepest human obsessions…[her] tricky tale of psychological romantic suspense will leave readers wanting more.” – Booklist

“Dean’s marvelous debut is dark, gritty and relentless in its graphic pursuit of Alice’s self-proclaimed justice. The story is so intense that the ending is a bit unexpected. This psychological thriller borders on the erotic as it draws the reader into its web.” –RT Magazine, 4 stars

"Alice is a complicated character with a multilayered back story that Dean explores skillfully and carefully, offering readers insight not only into why this particular character acts the way she does, but also on how past trauma --- even if it's not as extreme as what Alice experienced --- carries lifelong repercussions." – BookReporter